What is The UP Lab?
The UP Lab is a place to tell stories and share positive perspectives. You are surrounded by everyday individuals with extraordinary minds and inspiring lives. We serve to tell the unheard stories of those individuals who strive to become successful in what they are passionate about. We strive to challenge popular beliefs and spread ideas we believe could positively affect your daily life. We hope to be the catalyst for readers to start (or continue) working at what they love and remind them that they can be successful and make a living while being happy.

Who started it?
The UP Lab was started by David Ly Khim and Justin Ho. Check out our about us page to learn more!

Why did you start it?
We are both graduates from the University of California, Irvine. As college students, we met a variety of individuals of different backgrounds, interests, and aspirations. We found that our peers often sacrificed their interests to pursue an idea of success they didn’t believe in. However, we’ve also met individuals who inspire others by pursuing their own definitions of success. We want to encourage individuals to pursue their interests and maintain a steadfast pace of working toward their own idea of success and happiness.

Is The UP Lab a UC Irvine campus organization?
No, The UP Lab is not a UCI campus organization. However, we do have a campus organization by the name of The UP Lab at UCI. The founders of The UP Lab are also UCI alumni and have been actively engaged with the Irvine community.

What is the purpose of The UP Lab?
The purpose of The UP Lab is to help individuals realize their significance to the world and their immense potential to be remarkable. Our mission is to construct a positive foundation for people to follow their passions and unlock their own potential.

What are your goals?
We want to empower communities by presenting information that readers can relate to and be inspired by. We want to be the catalyst for personal development, to vanquish doubt and insecurity and replace them with positivity and determination.

Why should I pay attention to The UP Lab? You guys are only 20-something-year-olds.
You definitely don’t have to pay attention to us and we definitely won’t force you to. We are not claiming to have all the answers, nor claiming to be more wise than the next person. We strive to present various perspectives and hope that through these articles, we can communicate our message to you: you don’t have to live out a definition of success that you don’t believe in–you can define success yourself.

As individuals, we have experimented, failed, and succeeded, and we have read and learned about what successful people have done. Although we do not completely reflect these success stories, we are deeply committed to helping others find their pathway to their idea of success.

How can I submit a guest post to The UP Lab?
If you would like to submit a guest post, send us an email about the topic you’d like to write about and provide some examples of your work and we’ll proceed from there.

I would like to develop a partnership with The UP Lab. How can I do that?
Since The UP Lab is still young and undergoing development, we do not yet have a partnership program. However, if you would like to work with us, feel free to send us an email with your proposal!

How is The UP Lab being funded?
We are currently funding The UP Lab with our wallets. There are not many expenses yet besides maintaining the website.

How can I support The UP Lab?
We’re glad that you asked. Take a look at these 3 amazingly easy ways to support The UP Lab!

Any other comments, questions, or suggestions can be communicated via our contact page!